Young Adult Service (YAS)

Young Adults Services (YAS) is provided by the LASC Childcare Services, a charity organisation that provides childcare in Midlothian. The young adults service is for young adults with additional support needs from the ages of 18 until 25 years old. We operate Monday to Saturday and are registered to care for 12 young adults per day.

What is YAS?

Young Adult Services aims to provide high quality care for young people with additional support needs in Midlothian. Fully inclusive setting that can also accommodate people using wheelchairs or specialised equipment. Our service will provide the support needed to help the young person build on their independence and life skills. We will also encourage and support the young adult’s interests and hobbies; We will build up a relationship with the parents/ carers and include them in planning and getting feedback on what they would like to achieve.

The core hours of our service will be 9am-3pm but this can change depending on then need of individual young person. A keyworker system put in place to allow quality interactions with the young people.

Young people will get dropped off either by carers or taxi services. During the day we have the use of a Mobility Vehicle (capable of taken 2 wheelchairs), People carrier and a minibus we can go out on trips that can further their life skills, independence, interests, and hobbies.

Aims & objectives of the Service:

Our services aim to provide high quality care and support for young people with Additional Support needs. Allowing the young person to express themselves using a variety of different resources that will help enable them to achieve and feel valued in their community.

 Our service will help young people have a smooth transition from children services (school) into adult services.

Our services aim to support each young person to allow them to reach their own personal potential through:

  1. Providing achievable tasks/goals for them to achieve (following on from learning goals from school where appropriate)
  2. Supporting their interests and helping to develop new life experiences
  3. Promote and support when out in the community
  4. Develop active partnership with families and other agencies.
  5. Developing skills for adult life.

Each young adults will have a care plan and these will be updated on a regular basis by their key workers and will be discussed with the parents and carers.   Each young adults will have 2 or 3 keyworkers that will work with the young adults but will encourage all staff to interact and build a bond with the young adults

We also are able to take to young adults to any appointments they may have, this includes dentists, hospitals, and haircuts.

Staff will upload the young adults feedback using our Famly app for parents and carers to receive throughout the day. Any young adult going home via taxi will have and specific or important information shared via the app or by a phone call home to parents.

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