Loanhead Community Nursery

Operating Hours

Monday – Friday from 7am – 6pm 50 weeks of the year. Closed for two weeks over the Christmas holidays


Loanhead community nursery can hold 56 children on a daily basis. We are open from 7am until 6pm over 50 weeks of the year. The nursery is spread over 3 playrooms that range from 0-5 years.

We offer breakfast, Lunch, snack and dinner throughout the day, lunch and snack are freshly prepared on a daily basis and we will accommodate all allergies, intolerances and parent preferences. We work on a 2 week menu.

We have a large staff team that work within the setting. These staff range from manager to support worker, all staff are qualified or working towards their qualification. We ensure that all our staff are trained in First aid, Child Protection and Food hygiene. There is a variety of different training courses that are on offer for all staff within the setting through Midlothian council. All staff have scope for personal development within LASC. Everyone works together to ensure the children are getting the best out of their day at nursery.

Bumblebee Room (Age 0-2)

Bumblebee room is our 0-2 room, the intake for this room is 12 babies. The Bumblebee room is a bright and spacious environment with direct access to the garden, the room provides various opportunities for the little ones to develop and grow. The Bumblebees have chances to participate in various activities such as messy, sensory and heuristic play. The staff in the room work closely with parents to ensure that they follow the children’s routines as closely as they can to their home routine.

Caterpillar Room

Caterpillar room is our 2-3 room, the intake for this room is 20 children. The caterpillar room is a spacious and inviting room with direct access to the garden. The room provides ample opportunities for the children to develop their fine and gross motor skills through staff planning various new experiences and challenges for the children. We offer Good time to be 2 funding within our 2-3 room.

Butterfly Room

Butterfly room is our 3-5 room. The butterfly room intake is 24 children daily.

  • 1140 hours funded spaces available both term time and 50 weeks of the year options
  • Wrap around childcare
  • Split funded places
  • Holiday club
  • Forrest schooling
  • Swimming lessons
  • Child Smile toothbrushing programme

Holiday club

We also provide a holiday club over the holidays within our 3-5 room through both half days and full days. Throughout holiday club we provide a programme that the staff follow with activities and experiences for the children to explore. We also arrange full day trips to Glasgow science centre, John Muir country park, Silversands Beach,  Vogrie and so much more. 

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