Nursery (3mths-2yrs)

Nursery (3 months to 2 years)

Our Nursery sessions run from 8am-6pm for a full day, from 8am-1pm for a morning session and 1pm-6pm for an afternoon session. We also offer a Breakfast Club service which you can choose to add on a bolt on from either 7am or 7.30pm.

We are also part of Midlothian Council’s ‘A good time to be two’ project, which offers up to 16 hours per week of funding for two year olds. For more information on this please contact Helen via email at or see the attached leaflet below:


The Introductory Visits and Settling in Period

You will be welcomed at an introductory visit prior to your child starting at the Loanhead Community Nursery, where you will have the opportunity to meet with your child’s room supervisor and members of the management team.  We value your unique knowledge of your children and hope to build on the experiences at home as they begin their learning with us. We encourage you to stay with your child as they visit the centre, for their first and second settling in periods, with a café nearby for you to enjoy during the third visit, to enable you to stay close by for the initial separations.

First visit – up to 30 minutes: During the first visit, your child will be shown around the Nursery with the parent/carer and they meet with the other children and the key worker. The child will be invited to join in with the activities.

Second visit – 1 hour: During your second visit, your child will be welcomed back for one hour and invited to take part in activities. If your child settles you will encouraged to leave the playroom, and collect them at the end of the hour.

Third visit – 2 hours: During the third visit you will be encouraged to leave your child for around two hours.

Pre-Birth to Three Curriculum

Pre-Birth to Three: Positive Outcomes for Scotland’s Children and Families is a document introduced by the Scottish office, in association with Learning and teaching Scotland to provide guidance for all those whose work involves caring for babies and young children. The four key features of Birth to Three are closely linked:

  • Rights of the Child
  • Relationships
  • Responsive Care
  • Respect